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"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"

"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"


10 Reasons to Adopt a Cat

10 Reasons to Adopt a Cat

By: Faith P.

10 reasons to Adopt a Cat: For those looking for a furry friend, allow me to direct you to the wonders of cat adoption. You can find many places where you can get a new pet, but we believe that adoption is the perfect route to go when you’re looking for a fur baby. Here are the top 10 reasons

  1. Saving Lives

Annually millions of cats are euthanized in America. They are often euthanized due to a lack of space. There are either or too many people buying their pets from breeders. When you adopt, you’re saving a wonderful, loving cat by making them part of your family. You also open up space at shelters and rescue groups, allowing them to save another animal in need.

  1. Improve Your Mental Health

Adopting a cat could help you improve your mental health! Having a furry friend around actually helps reduce stress, anxiety and help ease loneliness. Having a cat can also help lighten the symptoms of depression. Cats will improve your overall quality of life and happiness.

  1. Physical Health Booster

Not only will adopting a cat help with your mental health, but it will also improve your physical health! It has been proven that a cat’s purr can help lower a person’s blood pressure. Owning a cat also has the bonus of reducing your risk for heart attacks and strokes. If there are kids in the house, a cat could reduce their risk of developing allergies and respiratory issues.

  1. New Friend

Animal shelters are full of happy, healthy pets waiting for their forever home. Many of the cats in shelters are already house-trained because they used to live with families. You get to bring in a cat who needs your help and have a new companion around your house.

  1. Low Cost

Compared to a breeder, it is much cheaper to adopt a cat from a shelter or rescue. They will already be up to date on all their vaccines, they will be spayed or neutered, and they will already have been microchipped. All you pay for will be the adoption fees, food, and other home necessities for a cat.

  1. Done Simply

It’s easier to adopt a cat than to purchase one from a breeder. You get all of the health and financial benefits without adding to the growing population of cats in the world. And if you adopt a cat at an adoption event, you’ll be helping out local businesses and organizations that strive to help pets find their new homes.

  1. Stopping Pet Mills

When you buy a pet from a pet store or an online seller, that animal likely came from a pet mill. Cat and dog mills both have terrible conditions for the animals. The business is looking at profiting instead of the well-being of the animals. Getting a cat from a place like this will result in a cat with behavioural issues and poor health. Pet mills are terrible and adopting instead of buying from a store or online shows you are against these horrific places.

  1. Variety

Going through shelters or rescues, you will see many breeds of cats, including mixed breeds. So, you have more options available to you; there may be kittens, short-hair cats, long-hair cats, or a specific breed that you were looking to adopt. There’s a much larger variety of cats to choose from than the options presented by a breeder.

  1. You Know What You Get

Since cats in shelters interact with caretakers and volunteers every day, and they get to know their personalities. This makes it so you can find a companion with the type of temperament you want. You could find an active cat or a calmer one who prefers to cuddle and a quieter environment.

  1. Change Your Life and Theirs

When you adopt a cat from a shelter, you are changing both your life and their life. You have a new companion and responsibilities around the house, and your new cat will have a safe and comfortable place to live. Sometimes you wonder if you made your cat’s life better or if it’s the other way around. Oftentimes it’s both! You both will look after each other and make each other’s life better because now your family.


Overall, adoption is an excellent option for both the pet and the owner. You get a new friend, and the shelter can have space to save more cats; it’s a win for all of you.





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