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Best Halloween Movies

Best Halloween Movies

by Makayla F

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year! You get to dress up, hang out with family or friends, go Trick or Treating, go to haunted houses etc. However, with COVID-19 making Halloween a little different this year, Most people will probably be staying at home to celebrate. I love Halloween movies and typically spend all of October watching them. A Halloween movie night is a perfect alternative for celebrating this year.

Best Halloween Movies For Kids

  1. Scoob!-If your kids like anything scooby doo then this is a great movie for them. The whole gang gets together on Halloween night to solve a mystery. (Ages:7+)
  2. The Addams family-They’re creepy and they’re plenty of fun. This animated movie is great for you and your family. (Ages:7+)
  3. Super monsters save Halloween-The characters explain how haunted houses and Halloween decorations aren’t that scary anymore. This is a good movie for your little ones.(Ages:4+)
  4. Goosebumps: This movie is based on R.L. Stine’s scary book series. The plot has a lot of detail that most parents will remember from the book and it turns into a whole new story. (Ages:9+)
  5. Toy story of terror: Mr.Potato head goes missing, Andy and the rest of the toys go on a scary adventure to find him. (Ages:6+)
  6. Paranorman: This is a stop motion animation film that has some spooky scares. This movie is about a boy who can communicate with the dead and he uses this power to solve a town mystery.(Ages:10+)
  7. Hotel Transylvania: Monsters and mythical creatures go to Dracula’s hotel resort, they have loads of fun here and this movie has a few scares.If your kids like this movie there is a second one they can watch. (Ages:7+)
  8. Coraline: This movie is about a girl named Coraline who discovers a secret about a parallel universe where her other version of her family tempts her with promises so she stays with them. (Ages:9+)

Best Horror Movies for Halloween

  1. Us: A family finds themselves under attack by a mysterious group of strangers. (Rated: R)
  2. A quiet place: A family is in an apocalyptic world and they always have to be silent because there are monsters with a supercharge sense of hearing. (Rated: PG-13)
  3. Scream (1996): A year after a girl’s mother is murdered, the girl is terrorized by a new killer. He targets the girl and all her friends and uses parts of a horror film as some sort of scary game.(Ages:16+)
  4. Beetlejuice (1988): After a couple passes away a new family moves into the same home and the couple’s spirits are harassed by the new family so they decide to hire a spirit to get them out.(Ages:13+)
  5. Halloween (1978):15 years after Micheal Myers murdered his sister he escapes from the mental hospital and returns to Haddonfield, Illinois to start killing again. (Rated: R)
  6. Edward Scissorhands (1990): A artificial man who has scissors for hands meets a woman and she introduces him into her world. (Rated: PG-13)
  7. Paranormal activity (2007): After moving into a new home a couple is disturbed by a demonic presence. (Rated: R)
  8. The Conjuring 2:A couple travels to North London to help a family who is plagued by a supernatural spirit. (Rated: R)


Movie Challenge:

There are so many Halloween Movies to choose from I hope these movie suggestions help. Please feel free to comment with your favourite Halloween movie or try these Movie Marathon lists we found on Pinterest. 

Not So Scary Movie Marathon

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From all of us at Cat Sitter Toronto Inc. Have a happy and safe Halloween.



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