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Best Travel Spots in Ontario

Best Travel Spots in Ontario


As travel restrictions in Ontario begin to loosen up, many people want to start vacationing again. Though there are still many restrictions to travel outside the country, there are many beautiful places within Ontario you can visit. If you’re looking for some ideas, here are some of the best travel spots in Ontario.

Best Travel Spots in OntarioWaterfalls in Hamilton

In the city of Hamilton, you can find more than one hundred waterfalls. You can find many of these waterfalls just a couple of minutes from the city’s downtown core. You should note that the flow of the waterfalls can be seasonal and depend on the amount of rainfall. Some notable falls you can find are Felker’s Falls, Tiffany Falls, and Devil’s Punchbowl. To avoid the crowds of people, you should try going in the early morning and on weekdays.


The Sleeping Giant

The Sleeping Giant is part of Ontario’s Provincial Parks, so there will be many facilities and activities available to you if you plan to visit. This park is the perfect place to go if you are trying to escape the busy city and enjoy nature for a while. You can find over 100 kilometres of hiking trails, and it is a fantastic spot if you want to catch a glimpse of wild animals such as deer, wolves, foxes, and lynxes. 


Best Travel Spots in OntarioBonnechere Caves

If you plan on searching for a more drastic change in scenery, then the Bonnechere Caves are an excellent place to visit. As you follow a guided tour through these caves, you will be able to see fossils in the walls. If you plan on visiting, it will be at least a full-day trip. You can find these caves at 1247 Fourth Chute Road, about four and a half-hour drive from Toronto. It is near Ottawa, so once you’re done with the caves, you will be able to find much more to do in our country’s capital city.


Thousand Islands

A piece of information for you, there are actually more than 1000 islands-1,864 of them, to be exact. The Thousand Islands are located along the border between northern New York State, USA and southeastern Ontario, Canada. The islands there are mainly open to the public and have parks, camping grounds, and cottages that you can rent. You can do many things at the Thousand Islands, including fishing, diving, boating, cruises, and more.


Best Travel Spots in OntarioAlgonquin Park

Another one of Ontario’s Provincial parks you should consider visiting is Algonquin Park. This park is one of the biggest in Ontario, at about 7,635 square kilometres, is about 3 hours away from Toronto. There are many amenities that You can find throughout this park, including hiking and biking trails. If you love nature and animals, then there are many opportunities to spot wildlife as you walk through the forests. There is also something for those who don’t want to go when it’s hot. Winter activities you can do there include snowshoeing, go down the ski trails and even dogsledding.



If you want to have a fun getaway from the city, you don’t need to look far. There are many hidden treasures you can find in Ontario. You can spend days visiting some of these locations at a pretty reasonable cost, and it is an excellent way to get back into travelling again.



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