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"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"

"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"



Urinary issues in cats
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Urinary issues in Cats

Urinary Issues in Cats Urinary issues in cats can be quite concerning and potentially serious. It's important to be aware of warning signs that might indicate a problem with your cat's urinary system. Knowing your cat's normal bathroom routines can help you spot...

9 foods cat's should not eat
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9 Foods Cat’s Should Not Eat

9 Foods Cat's should not eat: It's important to be cautious about the foods you give to your cat, as some human foods can be harmful or even toxic to them. Here are 10 foods that your cat should not eat: Chocolate: Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, which...

Estate Planning for pets
Cat Parents

Estate Planning for Pets

Estate Planning for Pets: Caring for pets in your estate planning is an important consideration, especially if you want to ensure that your beloved companions are well taken care of after you're no longer able to care for them yourself. Here are some steps and...


Senior Cat Care

Senior Cat Care Senior Cat Care: My cat is over 7 years old how does this change his care routine? Age Matters: Similar to dogs, a cat's age can seem young in "human years" but when you understand how they age it's easy to see why cats over 7 need different care. ...


The Scoop On Kitty Vaccinations

The Scoop On Kitty Vaccinations: The Scoop on Kitty Vaccinations: If you have adopted your kitty from a rescue chances are they are coming to you up to date on their vaccinations. Kittens might still require few vet visits to get up to date.  Not unlike humans,...

Service Areas (Downtown Toronto & East End)

  • St. James Town
  • Cabbagetown
  • Regent Park
  • Trefann Court
  • West Don Lands
  • Garden District
  • Downtown

  •  Chinatown

  • Entertainment District

  • East Bayfront

  • Bathurst Quay

  • Distillery District

  • Financial District

  • The Beach

  • Upper Beaches

  • Beach Hill

  • Fallingbrook

  • Birch Cliff

  • Danforth Village

  • Leslieville

  • Greenwood-Coxwell

  • Blake-Jones

  • Riverdale

  • Playter Estates

  • Crescent Town

  • Pape Village

  • Woodbine-Lumsden

  • Liberty Village
  • King West Village
  • West Queen West
  • Trinity Bellwoods
  • Little Portugal

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