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Can I Leash Train My Bearded Dragon?

Can I leash train my bearded dragon?


By: Wei Kang Z.

Can I Leash Train my bearded dragon? Yes! It is possible to leash train a bearded dragon with enough dedication and time. But the bearded dragon might not like being on a leash, so it depends on the Bearded dragon’s personality. Bearded dragons are more manageable to leash train than most other lizards because they tend to be less aggressive. They also enjoy being handled more than most other reptiles, such as chameleons and anoles. But they are still living creatures, so handle them with care because some might still feel discomfort with human interactions.


Before you begin, you need to find a harness for your bearded dragon. A harness is better than a collar because it puts too much tension on the throat, and it may make the bearded dragon uncomfortable. A harness also makes it so that it’s harder to escape because they can easily squirm their way out of a collar. Also, look for a harness that isn’t too thin because it might start digging into your bearded dragon and cause discomfort, so find an adjustable one. 


Training Your Bearded Dragon 

Once have a suitable harness, let your dragon get used to the harness by allowing it to roam around its terrarium and the house. That way, when you take them outside, they won’t be stressed with wearing things and taken to a new environment because it could be too much for it to take in at once. Let the bearded dragon get used to the outdoors by gradually exposing it to the outside over time. At first, let him outside for 5-10. Gradually exposing them to the outside makes it so that the bearded dragon doesn’t get over-stressed.

Once your bearded dragon is more accustomed to the outdoors and harness, you can take it out on walks. Begin by walking slowly and gently, so you don’t startle your bearded dragon outside. While walking around, make sure to watch how your bearded dragon behaves because it could signify when your bearded dragon is starting to get stressed. If it starts getting stressed, take it home immediately and try again another day. You should also watch where your bearded dragon moves because you don’t want to tug the bearded dragon while it’s leashed because that could hurt the bearded dragon if you pull on the leash too hard.


After Care

Make sure that after every outside excursion, you put your bearded dragon back in its terrarium so that if it did get stressed while you were taking out for a walk, it could calm down. Ways to know if your bearded dragon is stressed is to check up on it every day. If the colour of the bearded dragon starts becoming darker or turns black, that means that it is also feeling uncomfortable or stressed. Another way to tell if your bearded dragon is stressed is its appetite because a stress-out bearded dragon will stop eating any food you hand out to it.

Problems With Taking Your Bearded Dragon Outside

The first problem with taking your bearded dragon outside is going to be temperature. The bearded dragon’s lowest temperature is about 18°Cwhile the hottest is about 37- 43°CCold temperatures can cause illness for the bearded dragon. Another big problem will be what your bearded dragon eats outside. You have to constantly watch over your bearded dragon for anything because you have to make sure it doesn’t eat any bugs. The reason for this is because there could be parasites within those bugs that your bearded dragon is consuming. Another problem is plastic objects; if eaten, they could become a choking hazard.


Remember, it takes time and effort to train your bearded dragon. You must be careful not to stress them out and be wary of the dangers your dragon faces while out. To properly leash train your dragon, have a proper leash, take time, patience, and care. Soon enough, you’ll have a trained dragon.



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