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"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"


Do Rabbits Make Good Pets?

Do Rabbits Make Good Pets?


By: Wei Kang Z.


Many people choose to own rabbits as opposed to cats or dogs. If you’re wondering whether a rabbit will make a good pet, then continue reading to find out!

Do rabbits make good pets?Raising a rabbit is like raising any other pet; they need food, water, housing and exercise. Rabbits may need grooming every so often, depending on the species. A plus is that rabbits can live around 5-10 years, so they can live for quite a few years. They are also quiet pets, so you don’t have to worry about loud noises. Your rabbit will still need a lot of your time and affection because they require effort to raise and train just like any other pet. 


You can also train them similar to dogs or cats. Rabbits are intelligent species, so they can learn things like using litter boxes, just like cats. They can also be taught basic commands like how you normally could with a dog. Furthermore, you can train them to do agility courses with a clicker and treats.

Do rabbits make good pets?Size

Rabbits are small pets. Its size depends on the breed it is, but it will generally be small, so it would be ideal if you have a small living space. Rabbits only need around 12 square feet of space, whereas dogs and cats will take up space throughout your entire house.


Rabbits need to be fed hay or grass, making up most of the rabbits’ diet. If you’re looking for an alternative, you can also provide them with some leafy greens. They can have something like a carrot as a treat. However, this should only be on special occasions. This is because rabbits don’t usually eat carrots or fruits due to their high sugar content. Rabbits also always need to eat constantly to avoid intestinal problems, so you need to give your rabbit hay to nibble on.

Rabbits shouldn’t eat things that we eat. Such as some sugar-filled candy or soda; these foods can harm the rabbit. They also can’t eat avocados because they have a toxic substance that can cause breathing problems.


Having a rabbit is the same as raising a dog or cat since they act similarly. Rabbits are very social and playful animals, so they like to play and spend time with their owners. They socialize well with children and other animals under adult supervision, and some rabbits can be very affectionate to their owner given enough time. The longest that it takes for a rabbit to start trusting you is around six months. This number may vary based on the species and how domesticated it is. 

Do rabbits make good pets?Rabbits like to cuddle or sit on your lap, but few want to be picked up. Being picked up is not something that rabbits experiences typically, so they might get frightened by the height. They might express this fear by kicking you to stop you from picking them up. You can, however, train them to get used to being picked up over time. 



Overall, rabbits can make excellent companions. They are both intelligent and friendly, which is a plus for you because it would be easy to train and have around family. Though rabbits do make for good pets, it may be dependent on how they can fit into a person’s living situation.






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