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"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"

"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"


How Do Cats Show Affection?

How Do Cats Show Affection?

by Willow S.

Cats are very versatile when it comes to showing love, affection and trust. Each cat is different, so the way they show affection is different for each one. Here are some of the most known ways that cats show love, trust and affection. 

  • Purring. The most common way cats show affection, love, and trust, is purring. Purring shows that they are comfortable in a relationship. If your cat loves you, they will often purr when you pet them or are around you. But, keep in mind, not all cats purr to show affection. 
  • Rubbing against things. When cats rub against a person or an object, they mark it with their scent, making it clear to other cats that this is their family, and their territory. So, when a cat rubs against you, they are making it clear that they not only love you but trust you as well.
  • Follow you.  If they accompany you almost constantly, this is a sign they love you. This is different from when they know it’s feeding time, so make sure that they are following you not because it’s food time. Also, some cats can be a bit stand-offish. If your cat doesn’t follow you, it could be because they are not very social. But there are many other ways to know your cat loves you. 
  • They lick you. Cats that belong to the same family, often help groom each other. If your cat trusts and loves you, they might lick you. If they do lick you, it shows that they have created a bond with you and they think of you as part of the family. 
  • Greet you when you come home. If your cat comes running to the door when you get home from work or running errands, it is a great sign that they love you and trust you. 
  • They show you their belly. Some people often mistake this for wanting a belly pet. The stomach of a cat is highly sensitive from the outside. So when they roll onto their back and show you their belly, it actually means they trust you. 
  • They stare at you. If your cat stares at you, they could be showing you attention. Cats don’t usually need to blink, so if they slowly blink while staring at you, it shows trust and love. If you blink back slow, they know that you love them. 
  • Sleeps near or on top of you. Cats will sleep near you and/or on top of you when they feel comfortable. Cats are also very vulnerable when they sleep, so if they lie next to you or near you, it shows that they trust you to protect them from potential threats. 
  • Meows at you. Not all cats meow but some who do are trying to tell you they want attention because they love you. 
  • Brings you “gifts”. Cats are natural hunters, so their instinct is to bring food to their families. If your cat is an outdoor cat, they will often leave birds, squirrels, or rodents that they caught for you. As much as we hate seeing the dead prey they caught, they got it for us which means they care and love us. 

With so many different ways to tell us, hopefully, their message is received. As owners, we can show our pets’ love as well.  Making sure all their needs are taken care of and understanding what they are asking from us is key.




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