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"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

By Mackayla F.

As most people know Mother’s day is coming up in May and there are many mothers who are animal lovers including my mom so if you would like to get your mom a gift to do with animals it may be a pet you have at home or maybe your mom has a favorite animal.I am here to give you some gift ideas about animals for Mother’s day!!

Here are 5 gift ideas for Mother’s day for pet lovers:


This gift is for mom’s who enjoy drinking coffee and/or tea. If your mom drinks either of these ,this ones for you.You can buy a white mug from the store or go to a pottery place to make your own mug,paint the mug whatever colour you want or maybe your mom’s favorite colour. You canprint out a picture of a pet you have at home or if you don’t have any pets you can print out her favorite animal or a paw print and put it on the front of the mug. A great pottery place is Toronto is The Clay Room


The next gift idea I’ve seen quite a few times and I think it’s a very nice and thoughtful idea.If you have a pet at home you can get a painting of them done and give it to your mom or if your creative and enjoy painting you can paint it yourself. Is your mom the painter? Might I suggest a paint by number? The Cat Sitter Toronto staff all did Paint by Number kits last year and they were great. 


How about a t-shirt,sweater or long sleeve with some words on it like “cat mom,dog mom,animal lover,etc”? You can easily find shirts like this using a quick google search. Or feeling creative? Michaels has all that you need to make a customized shirt right at home.

Pet Swag

There are so many pet themed gifts available online and in stores. I’m huge on shopping local and supporting small businesses. That’s why II’m sharing this company with you  Meow and Bark Designs    Located here in Toronto their website has something for every animal lover in your home.

Paw Print

The last idea I have is getting your pets paw print put into a stone then painted.I’ve seen this many times and people really seem to love them,it’s a very nice keepsake and it is also very cute and thoughtful!! When doing this make sure you use a kit that is designed for pets, I found one kit at      Pet Valu, affordable and cute. Perfect gift in my opinion.


I know many people struggle on what to get their mom for Mother’s day and I’m really hoping that these gift ideas give you an idea on what to get your mom and I’m hoping that you have a fun time making any of the DIY gifts above.

Message for mom’s on Mother’s day:You are all doing great as Mother’s you guys deserve this day I hope today is filled with love and lots of time with your kids or with your family.I also hope all of you enjoy whatever gifts you received today and have a lovely Mother’s day.P.S to all the kids:Make sure you treat your mom very well today,give her many hugs and make sure she has the best day ever!!




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