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"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"

"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"


Newsworthy Cats

Newsworthy Cats

Vanessa Tolentino

Newsworthy Cats: We’re all familiar with the crazy antics that our kitties get up to. They are amazing climbers and hunters. They can sneak up on us when we’re least expecting it, so when a cat makes the news, it is almost always for something goofy or crazy! In this list, we’ve compiled the top five most newsworthy kitties in history! Some are funny and some are heartwarming— we can expect nothing less from our favourite felines!

1.Cougar’ Reported To Surrey RCMP Was Actually Just A Chunky Housecat

This big kitty must have scared the neighbourhood silly! The police had responded to a call about a giant cat roaming the streets of Surrey, British Columbia in 2019, only to find that the vicious beast they were looking for was just a really, really big housecat. It might not have been a cougar but I’m sure it was big enough to scare some of the local tomcats!

2.Russia: Stray cat enjoys $1,000 fish feast

A stray cat found its way into the fish section of an airport grocery store in East Russia. The kitty enjoyed a wonderful meal consisting of seafood, including squid and dried octopus. While the total bill did not necessarily end up being $1,000, the total costs of the discarded seafood did. Many cat lovers lined up to see the store where the famished feline ate his gourmet meal, so much so that the store owner and his staff could barely work! Want to give your kitty a gourmet feast? Check out our homemade treat post

3.Creme Puff

Creme Puff was born in 1967 and lived for a grand total of 34 years and three days! Hailing from Austin, Texas, Creme Puff holds the Guinness World Record for being the oldest cat in history! Her owner, Jake Perry, listed her diet as consisting of broccoli, eggs, turkey and bacon! What is most interesting, however, is that Perry also claimed to give Creme Puff an eyedropper full of red wine. While there is no evidence that Creme Puff’s diet can be linked to a longer lifespan, she was definitely living quite a luxurious life!

4.Florida cat dials 911 from animal rescue facility

We’ve all accidentally called someone before, but has your cat ever made a phone call to 911? One kitty from Sarasota, Florida caused quite the commotion when 911 responders dialed the animal rescue center’s front desk, asking if everything was okay. As it turns out, Zeke, an office cat with a tendency to sleep on keyboards and phones, accidentally dialed 911. He was found sleeping on the phone with the receiver off the hook! Many kitties love to sit on laptops and keyboards to get our attention, as well as to sap some warmth from our computers!

5.Man uses his cat to map which neighbors have Wi-Fi networks he can easily hack

In 2014, Gene Bransfield found a way to use his cat to find open Wi-Fi networks in his neighbourhood. As a security researcher, he was well equipped to find out which of his neighbours had vulnerable Wi-Fi networks. He built a collar for his cat, Coco, which was able to record which networks were poorly encrypted or open. Not to worry, though, his
intentions were not malicious! He simply wanted to experiment with the technology, but was surprised to see so many neighbours with open or poorly protected Wi-Fi spots in 2014



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