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"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"

"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"


Pet Food Banks in Toronto

Pet Food Banks in Toronto

By: Zara Willmott

Pet food banks in Toronto are becoming increasingly popular. We all find ourselves in times where we could use a little hand. Regular food banks do sometimes supply their patrons with pet food, but it is often not enough. After Fang’s surgery, he has actually become a picky eater when it comes to his dry food. We normally do a dry mix of about 3 different brands but Fang has become quite particular and only liking one type. Rather than have all this food sit here going to waste, I decided to donate it to a pet food bank. Here are the ones I found

Pet Food Banks:

  1. The Toronto Humane Society: They run a pet food bank out of their main location at 11 River Street and a satellite location at 200 Wellesley street. What’s great about them is they will accept all kinds of pet items for donation Food, Litter, toys, and accessories. They have a drop box in their main foyer for all donated items and as a bonus, they will accept open packages.
  2. Woodgreen Community Services, Human and Pet food bank: What I like is that they offer a separate day for the Pet Food Bank. I wasn’t able to see on their website what donations are accepted, but they did have a contact us link.
  3. Stray Cat Struttin: This is a community group on Facebook, they service about 200 clients weekly and pet food is a huge need. They also manage Feral Colonies.

Many local food banks will also accept pet food donations.

Food Banks:

  1. Bluffs Food Bank: Located at Kingston rd and Warden Ave. They will accept pet food donations
  2. Daily Bread Foodbank: their website has tons of info on where their foodbanks are located
  3. Scarborough Food Security Initiative: A relatively new organization, they are offering so much support during Covid-19.

Other Ways to Give:

Often you hear stories of feeling shame when needing help.  No one should feel shame for doing what is needed to help keep their loved ones happy, healthy, and safe.  I saw a post on a Facebook group that was free food. This person had made individual bags of essential items and left them in their driveway for anyone who needed to pick them up. What I love about this is that people can remain anonymous and if it’s hard for them to ask for help, they can still receive it.

Being inspired by this post that’s what I did with my cat food. I divided it into individual Ziploc bags and advertised on Facebook the location where they could be found, at the end of the day whatever was left was donated to a local food bank.

Should you find yourself needing help, know that there is no shame in asking for help.





  1. Deborah Stapleton

    How do I get free cat food as I’m on disability and I’m having trouble trying to make ends meet and I’m trying to get an answer out of ODSP because other people have help with food and bed for their cat but I can’t get an answer out of my work or to help me out as my cat is an emotional support cat

    • Zara Willmott

      Most local food banks are offering pet food. Toronto Humane society has started their community days where pet items are free as well.

  2. Fatemeh Farzipour

    Hi, I’m in Leslie and Shepherd’s area. I am very ashamed to say that please introduce me a food bank in this area, the address you gave is too far for me and I don’t have a car. I would like to ask you for one more help, with all shame, can you recommend a vet for my dog. I am a single mother who doesn’t work, I only get help from Ontario Work and I really can’t afford my dog ​​and my son.

    • Zara Willmott

      Try your local food bank to see if they have pet supplies available. Scarborough Food Security Initiative is also a great resource

      • Jennifer

        I’m in Richmond Hill and I am in desperate need of help to feed my pets can you please help me

        • Zara Willmott

          I’m not familiar with Richmond hill food banks but most cities has an information line available, you could call and see if they know where you can access food for your pets

  3. Ofelia

    Hi how can I get a free cat food. I have 2 cats i need to get them a good but i am really in crisis my son is in the hospital and I can not work because I need to care of him.
    I hope I can get a free food for my cats i love them and I want to take of them.

  4. Alex

    I have a bag of dry dog food Hills Science Diet (for sensitive stomach and skin/Adult dogs) – 30 lbs. The bag is opened but > 75% is left.
    I am giving it away to any dogs in need.

  5. Mary

    Hi, I have a large bag of Hills Science Diet for cats (sensitive stomach and skin). It has been opened but we used very little as our cat needed to change the protein of their food. This one is chicken. I’m willing to deliver to anyone in need who lives in the North York area. Let me know.


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