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"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"

"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"




Many people are hesitant to choose professional Toronto pet sitting services when they have to be away from home because they are not comfortable leaving their beloved pet in the hands of a stranger. Cat Sitter Toronto Inc. understands your hesitation and offers the following client reviews to illustrate the care we take to keep your cat healthy, happy and safe until your return. Want to join the conversation? Use the eform on this page to share your own personal review of Cat Sitter Toronto Inc..


My cat was diagnosed with diabetes a couple years ago and is now on insulin twice a day. Since then, it’s been difficult for me to go on vacation as it is very hard to find a cat sitter who can administer insulin to my cat OJ. It’s also hard to leave him in the care of someone else.

I found Cat Sitter Toronto Inc. on Yelp and it has been such a blessing! I moved to the beaches last year and spent so much time trying to find a good, trustworthy sitter. Charlene is just that! I hired her for the first time when I went on a trip to Montreal for a few days and she definitely put my mind at ease with the amount of detail she put into ensuring both OJ and myself feel comfortable. She gave me an update after every visit and even took pictures for me. She also didn’t make any decisions without running it by me first.

OJ didn’t need insulin for one of the visits and she confirmed with me first before making any decisions. If that were someone else, they probably would have given him insulin anyway even if his sugar was too low, which would have endangered his life.

She’s simply amazing! And she cares! She knows what she’s doing and her attention to detail is something that anyone with a cat with special needs requires. No need to worry because she knows what she’s doing!
And even booking online was a breeze!
Will definitely hire her over and over again!

Abby E. 
Toronto, ON

Cat Sitter Toronto | Compassionate care for a special needs cat
Cat Sitter Toronto | Compassionate care for a special needs cat


“Charlene’s cat-sitting credentials, professionalism, trustworthiness, and availability are first-rate. Always responsive to our needs, Charlene has befriended our cat Sumo, provides him with superb care, keeps us up-to-date on his well-being, and puts our minds at ease. Going away is no longer a hassle or stressful for us – or for Sumo. Why would we want to trust our junior family member to anyone else?!”

Fred and Suzanne
Toronto, ON


“My two kitties absolutely love Charlene and always look forward to her visits. The daily updates (pics/videos/short stories) are fantastic, and I always appreciate her quick response to emails or texts. Bonus: She always makes me check in with her after I get home to make sure the babes are safe and happy! It’s comforting to know that when I go away, I can rely on such a responsible and kind caregiver.”

Tiffany and Owen 
Toronto, ON

Cat Sitter Toronto |Responsible and kind caregiver


“In the short time I have had the pleasure of knowing Charlene, she has demonstrated profound caring and compassion for her two cats, Onyx and Peach. When making decisions on how to proceed with any recommended diagnostics or treatment, Charlene always considered the well being of her pets; it was very obvious to me that Onyx and Peach’s comfort and happiness were of utmost concern to Charlene. Charlene is an amazing cat owner, and I have no doubt that these traits will translate well into the cat sitting business.”

Dr. Samantha Marion H.BSc, DVM 
Bayview Village Veterinary Clinic, Toronto, ON


“I work as a professional cat-sitter in Halifax, NS and looked after Charlene’s beautiful cats Onyx and Peach for nearly five years. It was a pleasure to visit them because I knew Peach and Onyx were cherished and exceptionally well-cared for. They were also two of the most affectionate cats I’ve looked after – more often than not I’d end up with patches of drool on my jeans and cat fur up my nose from our best-cat-love-ever snuggle-fests! You can be sure that cats who are that affectionate know what love is and get a lot of it!

Although I’ve only met Charlene on 2 or 3 occasions it’s clear to me, from the time I’ve spent in her well-kept home with her beautiful cats, that she puts careful thought into everything she does and that her love for cats is deep-rooted and sincere. If you’re looking for someone to care for your family members (at least the ones who happen to be cats!) please get in touch with Charlene. I have absolutely no doubt that your home will receive the same respect she gives her own home and that your very special kitty-cats will be given excellent care and a whole lot of love. Wishing you all the best with your cat sitting career, Charlene, it’s the best job ever!”

Anne M., Owner  
My Cat Sitter, Halifax, NS

Cat Sitter Toronto | Absolutely superb cat care


“Charlene is absolutely superb! As a fellow foster parent at Toronto Cat Rescue, Charlene offered to help me when I had to travel for work and had a foster, Peaches, living with me. Cat sitting is really the best way to go – the cats get to stay in the comfort of my (their) home, and Charlene’s visits keep them not only fed, but entertained and cleaned up after. I was a little hesitant about cat-sitting at first. My foster can be a bit of a handful and isn’t always the nicest, so I needed someone who would get to know Peaches and her quirks. Charlene really took the time to get to know about Peaches before cat sitting her, including a home visit so Peaches had met Charlene before I left. During the cat sitting, Charlene invested the time to send me daily updates about how Peaches was doing. I felt completely comfortable knowing that Peaches was being very well cared for – both with her food/litter and in time spent her with so she wasn’t lonely. I feel 100% at ease with leaving cats with Charlene and couldn’t be more thrilled to recommend her to anyone looking for a cat sitter. Thank you Charlene!”

Katie Y. 
Toronto, ON


“If there’s one thing I can say about Charlene… it’s that she has the greatest love for cats and all things feline. Her own two cats Peach and Onyx (16 years) were loved and cared for as much as any mother could her children. I often jokingly remarked to my husband that if I were ever reincarnated I’d like to come back as one of Charlene’s cats. LOL! (But yes, Charlene pampered her cats that much!) If one of her babies (she always referred to her cats as her babies) were sick she’d put their well-being above her own pleasure. I’ve known her to cancel vacations to nurse her cats back to health. She’s a very caring, passionate and honest person and I’d trust her with my home and cat any and every time. I also follow Charlene’s Facebook page “Catsitting & Fostering in Toronto”. Every day I purposely click on Facebook just to read the updates on the cats and kittens she’s fostering. I love watching her via Facebook pour her love and experience into those cats and nurse them back to health until they can be adopted into a loving home. If you’re looking for someone you can trust, with integrity, experience, and someone who’ll care for your cat the way I know you want them cared for, let me recommend Charlene as that person. You won’t be sorry and after you use her service once, like me, you’ll be singing her praises and referring her to your friends.”

Denise A.
Waterloo, ON


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