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"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"


Pet Sitting vs Boarding Which is Better for Your Pet?

Pet Sitting vs Boarding Which is Better for Your Pet?

By: Faith P.

Pet Sitting vs Boarding Which is Better for Your Pet? When you leave for vacation or a business trip, you want to make sure that your pet is well cared for. There are many options for you to choose from when you need someone to watch your pet. You can leave them in the care of a close friend or family member, leaving them at a kennel, boarding them, and of course, hiring a pet sitter. Those last two are what we’re going to be looking at more closely to see which option may be better for your pet.

What Are They?

Before you know which is better suited for your pet, you need to know what they are and their differences. Pet sitting would be when a hire pet sitter goes to your house to care for your pet, similar to how a babysitter works. Pet boarding would be when you take your pet to a facility where professionals alongside many other pets. Think of it as taking your pet to their own hotel while you’re gone. Boarding your pet is often cheaper than hiring a pet sitter. 

Now that the general idea of what pet sitting and boarding is, we will look at their pros and cons. This should help you decide what option would be best for your pet. 

Pros of Pet Sitting

Many people choose to use pet sitting because your animal won’t have to leave their safe place. Allowing your pet to stay at home lets them be more comfortable while you’re away. Their stress levels will also be lower because they won’t have to adjust to living in a new place. There will be no need to worry about your pet being scared of or not getting along with other pets because they will be home. Being home also means there is less chance for your pet to get into trouble or get hurt.

You could ask your sitter to do specific tasks with your pet, such as training, playing with them, or a grooming routine. It would be easier for a pet with medical needs because the sitter will only have your pet or pets to look after. There is more chance that the sitter will notice if your pet is in distress in a more timely manner.

The last pro is more for you than your pet. You will be able to leave not only your pet in the care of your sitter, but you also leave your house. If the sitter is staying over or visiting a couple of times a day, they will be able to contact you when an emergency occurs, not only about your pet but also about your house.

Cons of Pet Sitting

There are still cons to pet sitting. One would be the expense. Hiring a pet sitter may be very expensive. Though it is costly, it is understandable because people will personally be going to your house to take care of your pet. Since this is a one-on-one service, it would be more expensive.

Another con may be due to your pet. If your pet is protective of its space, it may not be a good idea to hire a sitter. This will make the experience difficult for both your pet and the sitter. Though if your pet is uncomfortable with strangers, this con could apply to both pet sitting and pet boarding, and the issue may be unavoidable.

Pros of Boarding

Boarding your pet will be more affordable than hiring a sitter because it won’t be one-on-one with your pet. Boarding would not be a personal service because there are still other pets to look after. You won’t get much say in the routine your pet will go through.

Your pet will also have a chance to socialize with other pets, which means they will be less lonely when there. Instead of only spending time with one sitter, they would have all the other pets there and the staff members who care for them. So, if your pet is outgoing and social, it may be a good choice.

Pet boarding facilities will also be more professional than pet sitters. The employees at these facilities will often have gone through years of training before being hired and beginning their work at the boarding facility. So, if you want to have more trained professionals that look after your pet, boarding is a good place to look.

Cons of Boarding 

Some cons come with pet boarding. Since there are many pets around, there is a higher chance your pet will catch or have contact with a disease from another animal. It is uncommon, but there is a higher chance than when you hire a pet sitter.

Stress will also be something to think of. Dropping your pet off at a facility to live in will cause them stress. Adapting to living in a new environment may be difficult for them because they don’t know their surroundings and don’t feel safe.

A big con is the higher chance of your pet being in an accident. These facilities have 24-hour support, but it’s often not held up to a good standard. Facilities will sometimes only have one employee work overnight while others go home, leading to many dangerous situations. It’s even worse when you remember there are many pets in an extensive facility, which now only has one or two employees looking after everything.

Making Your Decision

There are many things to consider before deciding, but when you choose, be sure it is the best option to keep your pet happy and comfortable. In the end, it may be better to leave your pet in the care of a close friend or family member. Both options have their pros and cons; it mainly depends on your pet’s personality and comfort levels.





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