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"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"

"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"


The Scoops: Our Litter Box Care Program In Toronto

The Scoops: Our Litter Box Care Program In Toronto

By: Zara Willmott

The Scoops: Our Litter Box Care Program. The Scoops is our new Litter Box Care Program. I’m so excited to offer this to our clients. As a busy mom of 3 human children, I understand that life can sometimes be so busy it’s hard to find the time to clean our own bathrooms let alone the kitty ones! Well worry no more Cat Sitter Toronto Inc is here to help when you need us

What We Do:

“The Scoops” is separate from our regular cat visits (yes we take care of litter during our regular visits). With “The Scoops” our sole focus is the litter area. Think of us as your cat’s Maid. We come in and make their space all clean and fresh. Currently, we are offering 3 different types of service: Tthe Scoops

  1. The Compact Scoop: The compact scoop is designed for a busy home that needs a daily visit. Imagine you are at work and you have a late meeting. The last thing you want after a long day is to come home and scoop litter. This is when you would call us in, we can come in make the kitty’s bathroom clean so when you get home it’s all snuggles and cuddles. Can be booked for daily visits, or one-off visits when you know you have a busy day
  2. The Complete Scoop: The Complete Scoop is designed to be the monthly clean. With this service, we will empty out all the old litter, clean the litter pans, clean the litter area, and clean the litter garbage receptacle. This leaves the Litter area clean and fresh. Ideal for monthly visits but could also be a weekly/bi-weekly for multiple cat homes with messy kitties.
  3. The Colossal Scoop: If you’ve got a litter apocalypse on your hands then this is the service for you. This is a deep clean of litter boxes and litter areas. Ideal for Quarterly visits (every 3 months). Or if your cat has recently had UTI or Tummy upset that has left the area needing extra attention then this is for you. With this deep clean we would soak litter pans and thoroughly scrub the whole area.

Why Would I Need This?

You may be asking yourself, why would I ever need this? There are several reasons why this service would be great for you!


Having had 3 kids I know I would’ve loved to have had this service available during my pregnancies. Toxoplasmosis is something all pregnant women are warned about and that they are to avoid litter whenever possible. This is just one medical reason. Others that I can think of are

  1. Recovering from surgery
  2. Unable to lift the heavy litter boxes
  3. Allergies
  4. And as I mentioned Toxoplasmosis

Cleaning litter boxes takes time and with all of our busy lives, it might be time we don’t have. Perhaps you are a stay-at-home mom whose homeschooling their kids, or you are an executive who works long hours.  Whatever the reason we’ve got you covered, by having us come in you are getting that extra time. Another reason may be that you have a  multiple cat household or perhaps you foster cats. As we all know the more cats, the more litter boxes.

Why Should I book this service?

As with all the services we offer, we strive to do our best. Our staff are well trained in the importance of litter box care and maintenance. During our “The Scoops” service we will make note of any areas of concern (i.e. elimination outside of boxes, the litter tracking, condition of boxes and scoops, etc.) and relay this info to you and if needed we can help in acquiring new scoops, boxes or litter (with an extra fee). As with all other areas of the home, maintenance is key and we are here to help keep your litter area clean and fresh. And a clean fresh litter area means a happy cat.





  1. Martina

    Hi there ! I was wondering if you know anyone in the Halton region that provides litter cleaning services.

    • Zara Willmott

      Unfortunately I don’t know of any company offering these services in the Halton Region


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