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"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"

"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"


Vitamins: Does Your Cat Really Need Them?

Vitamins: Does Your Cat Really Need Them?


By: Stanley P.


Many of us take vitamins and supplements, so getting some vitamins for our cats may seem like a smart idea. However, the question is does your cat need vitamins. Vitamins for cats, on the other hand, are only required in rare circumstances.

As a result, if you feed your cat standard cat food, they are likely getting all of the nutrients they require. Not to mention, experts advise using supplements in moderation and not taking too many supplements at once because the chemicals may overlap, resulting in excessive dosage. Furthermore, veterinarians at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine advise that you never give your cat a supplement without consulting your veterinarian first.

Vitamins: Does Your Cat Really Need Them?However, there are times when a food supplement may be beneficial to your kitten or cat. Your veterinarian can inform you if your cat requires additional vitamins to deal with a specific health issue, as well as which vitamins they need. An example is If your cat is sick and not eating properly, your vet may suggest a vitamin-enriched calorie supplement.


How to Choose Vitamins for Cats

  • In general, look for companies that have paid for clinical trials on their products.
  • To ensure quality and safety, read labels carefully.
  • On the item, look for a lot of numbers. This indicates that the company applies quality control measures.
  • Choose brands that have a track record of success.
  • Be skeptical of the claim that appears to be too good to be true. Supplements for vitamins are simply that: supplements. They are not panaceas or medicines.
  • You should not give human supplements to cats since they may include substances that are detrimental to them.
  • In general, your veterinarian will be able to provide you with the best solutions.

However, ensure to consult your vet first before adding any vitamins to your cat’s diet, for it could be harmful to the cat.

Types of Cat Supplements

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General vitamins and minerals: 

Cats can take a range of single or multivitamin supplements. The majority of cat feeds provide all of the vitamins and minerals that a cat requires.

Essential fatty acids:

Omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids are known for keeping a cat’s hair glossy and preventing shedding. They also safeguard the immune system, liver, eyes, brain, and joints of cats. Furthermore, they improve heart health and lower cholesterol in animals, exactly as they do in people. Some believe that supplementation is necessary because cat meals contain far more omega-6 fatty acids than omega-3 fatty acids.


Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that aid intestinal health. Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei are microorganisms that limit the expansion of “bad” bacteria in the large intestine.

More Information on Vitamins for Cats

Vitamins for cats are available in various formats, including tablets, powders, chews, gels, and liquids. Some companies concentrate on just one or two essential vitamins. Multivitamin formulations are available from other brands. Only a few cater to the dietary requirements of kittens or senior cats. However, always check the ingredients list carefully before purchasing to ensure the supplement has the vitamin or vitamins your cat requires for their specific health conditions. The bulk of these supplements come from the United States; the exceptions have been indicated.


Disclaimer: We strongly recommend discussing the use of vitamins or supplements with your veterinarian



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