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"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"


Wet or Dry Cat Food?

Wet or Dry Cat Food?

By: Stanley P.

Wet or Dry Cat food? A common question that cat owners ask is “Should I feed my cat wet or dry food?” Well, to be honest, there isn’t one right answer. Feeding your cat wet or dry food depends on several factors.

Wet Food Diet

Wet food, or canned food, consists of approximately 70% water, with the rest being dry matter. It also consists of fresh and/or frozen meat, with protein from grains, fats and vitamins. The food then goes through a heating process where all the pathogens are killed. Since wet food consists of the most water, wet food will be essential to cats with health conditions like Urinary crystals or diabetes. Wet food is also much more palatable than dry food, and some cats will prefer it over dry food especially if they are picky eaters. The opposite can also be the same, where cats prefer dry food over wet food. However, the drawback is that wet food is more expensive than dry food. Wet food also only has a shelf-life of 24 hours once opened, so store it in the refrigerator if your cat hasn’t finished it, and throw it out once its shelf-life has ended and/or it has spoiled. 

Dry Food Diet

Dry food contains approximately 10% water, with the rest being dry matter. It is made by combining meats, vitamins, minerals and fats under pressure and high temperatures. Fat can then also be sprayed onto the food. Dry food is less expensive than wet food. It also doesn’t need to be stored in a refrigerator and can be left out. The shelf life of dry food is much longer than wet food. Dry food is perfect for free-feeding, with automatic feeders or puzzle feeders. However, the drawback is that dry food correlates with obesity. This is because most owners free-feed with dry food, and do not realize how much their cat is actually eating. The opposite can also occur, with cats eating too little during free-feeding. Due to this, cats and the amount of food should be monitored regularly. Dry food can also be hard for cats with dental problems to chew. 

Wet Food and Dry Food Diet

To balance out the drawbacks of both foods, some owners have taken to feeding their cat a balance of wet and dry food. This is particularly useful for pets who prefer dry food but also need a higher water intake. Feeding is very straightforward, where you can combine both and feed, or give them one at a time. If you are going to feed your cat a wet and dry food diet, consult your veterinarian first to see if it is suitable for your cat. From then on, your veterinarian should also tell you the balance between wet and dry food that should be fed. Every cat is different, and all need different nutrition needs. 


There isn’t one straightforward answer on which diet should be used. Factors that should be taken into consideration are nutritional intake, water intake and health conditions. Not every cat is the same and not every cat should be fed the same. Of course, you should ask your veterinarian if you are still not sure on which diet to use.×545.jpg



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