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"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"

"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"


What Cat Sitting Service Is Best For Your Cat?

What Cat Sitting Service Is Best For Your Cat?

By: Zara Willmott

What Cat Sitting Service Is Best For Your Cat? this is an excellent question and a question we get asked frequently.  With so many different options it can be hard to know which will be best for your fur baby. When deciding what is best, here are some things to consider

Age:Kitten Care

The age of your cat plays a factor in the type of service they need.  Young cats and kittens often require more socialization time and would benefit from longer or more frequent visits.  For this age group, we recommend 2 visits per day or a 60-minute visit. As we all know a bored kitty can get into trouble and with us there to tire them out, it’s less likely they will get into too much trouble.

Kittens are not the only age that could benefit from frequent and longer visits. Senior kitties often have medical needs or issues that would be best monitored through 2 visits per day. With 2 visits per day, we can better assess their appetite, litter use and water intake, and quickly catch any problems before they get too severe


When choosing what’s best for your cat you also need to consider their temperament. Cat’s like humans experience all emotions including anxiety.  If your cat is prone to anxious behaviours when you leave the home, having staff come in for longer visits might help reassure them that they are ok.  Some cats are very aloof and rarely want even your attention, if this describes your kitty our Standard 30-minute cat visit is perfect for them.

Some of you may have the joy of having a cat who has tons of energy! With tons of energy comes mischief. Cat’s like this can become bored easily, and a bored cat is the one who gets in trouble by knocking plants, books, glasses, pretty much everything off shelves and tables.  Some bored cats have been known to climb the curtains and cause damage.  If this describes your cat more frequent and longer visits may need to be required.

Health and Diet:

Food Banks for PetsAnother thing to consider is the health needs or dietary needs of your cat.  Cats who are on a Raw food diet and fed several times throughout the day will need more frequent visits. our website only allows 2 visits per day, but if you are on raw food diet please contact the office to discuss your needs and we would be happy to accommodate.

Medicine can be another factor. If the medicine requires a specific time of day dosing when booking please let us know so we can adjust our schedule to accommodate

Multiple Cat Homes:

As a cat owner, I’m sure you know how it goes. You start with one kitten and before you know it you have a house full of cuddly kitties.  For homes with multiple cats, we do recommend longer visits. This would give us time to complete all the chores and spend quality time with each of the kitties. Our Standard 30-minute visit pricing includes up to 4 cats, Homes with more than 4 cats we would start your visits at 45-minute lengths and adjust as needed

Your Decision:

Ultimately the decision is yours as to what service to select.  You after all know your cat best. We are always here to answer any questions and give advice. Email any questions to




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