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"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"


What To Do For A COVID-19 Halloween?

What to do for a COVID-19 Halloween?

by Makayla F.

What to do for COVID-19 Halloween? A question we are all asking. Because we are in a worldwide pandemic right now trick or treating is highly not recommended this year and definitely not happening in Ontario’s hotspots. Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year and when I was a kid one thing I always enjoyed was trick or treating. I know younger kids especially love trick or treating mainly for the dressing up and the candy, most parents want to try to still treat Halloween the same and make it fun for their kids.  Here are some great alternatives on how to celebrate with family and friends:


Organize a get-together with family or friends, keep in mind to follow the rules and stay within the social gathering limits (10 people at an indoor event or gathering and 25 people at an outdoor event or gathering). You can decorate the car trucks with Halloween decorations or set each trunk up with Halloween games and prizes if you want. It will mimic Trick-or-Treating going from car to car.

Mini Pumpkin Hunt:

Get some mini pumpkins, paint (washable would be the best choice), googly eyes, glue and other art supplies if you want. Paint and decorate all the pumpkins. Once you all finished painting let the paint dry overnight. On Halloween hide the pumpkins and if the weather isn’t too bad you can hide them outside or if you just want to keep it indoors you can hide them around the house. Depending on the ages of participants you can offer different prizes for who collects the most.

Crafty Night:

If you enjoy being creative and making crafts this would be good for you and your family. Get some blow pops, tissue paper and yarn this can be used to make mini ghosts, Orange and black crepe paper, mason jars and fake tea lights would make a lantern, You can also create Halloween masks out of paper plates and decorate them however you like, you can also make jack-o-lanterns or just get some pumpkins and carve them. There are many things you can make for Halloween once you get creative. Pinterest has tons of posts if you need some inspiration.

Bob For Doughnuts:

Use some kitchen twine to string your doughnuts from a clothing line or a tree if you want. Now let everyone try to eat the doughnut with no hands and remember to wear a costume.

Halloween Pinata:

Get a pumpkin or ghost-shaped pinata, fill it with any candy you want, tie it up, blindfold the participants and start hitting the pinata. Make sure you are careful when you swing. If you want you can also get your family to help you make the pinata and get your kids to pick out what candy they want in it.

Halloween Themed Movie Night:

The movies don’t have to be scary at all especially if you don’t like scary movies or if you have younger kids. There are some great Halloween movies out there.  If you would like you can also make a game out of it for example every time the word ‘Halloween’ is said in the movie eat three pieces of candy, you get to decide what candy you want. If you have a projector you can set up an outdoor movie theatre to add to the excitement.

We may not have Trick-or-Treating this year but I hope these alternatives will help to make Halloween as fun as it’s always been for you and your family. I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween this year. Please make sure to stay safe, social distance and wear a mask.



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