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"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"


Why ID Tags Are So Important

Why ID Tags Are So Important

By: Faith P.

Why ID Tags Are So Important: It is known that having your pet wear ID tags is a good idea in case of an emergency when you will need to utilize them. However, it is also clear that not all pet owners decide to put one on their pet. There may be reasons for that, but you should get a tag for your pet. 

The most important job of a tag is displaying the information needed to get in touch with you. You should include your pet’s name, address, and at least two phone numbers on the tag. Your pet should also be microchipped. If it is, add the phrase “Scan me for a chip” onto your tag. If any of the information changes, remember to update the information on the tags. Your pet should be wearing a collar and tag most of the day, barre from when they are in a kennel for safety reasons. Additionally, if you have an outdoor cat, you may want to have them wear a breakaway collar. This is in case they get stuck on a tree or fence; they can quickly get away without any injury to their necks.

Tags are most helpful in the case of a lost pet. Found by Found Animals Foundation, 1 in 3 pets will get lost at some point in their lives, and 90% of them never return home without the help of an ID. Pets without identification are often never returned to their owner because there is no way to know who the owner is. Unlike a microchip, once your pet is found, a person could quickly read the ID tag’s information and then return your pet. They can deliver your pet without having to take them to a vet or shelter.

Lost pets with tags on are often more likely to receive help from strangers. People are likely more inclined to help a pet they believe already belongs to a family than a stray walking down the street. It doesn’t matter if your pet is microchipped because those are not visible. Without a tag, your beloved family pet could be mistaken for a street animal, and a chance to reunite with them may slip right past your fingertips.

Many people also think that it’s fine to take their pets’ collars and tags off when they are at home; however, you never know what could happen. Things like fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters could happen anytime; often, your pets’ first response will likely be to flee. It is an instinct that increases their chance of survival. They could also be lost in the confusion of an emergency event. Having their tag on will get them back to you quickly without the fees of picking up your pet from a shelter and would also be less traumatic for your pet.


You should always have your pet microchipped, but you should also have them wear a collar and ID tag as an extra safety blanket if they get lost. Taking these precautions helps make sure you will always be able to find your cherished pet again.




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