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"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"

"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"


Are Multiple Pet Homes a Good Thing?

Are Multiple Pet Homes a Good Thing?

By: Faith P.

Is it Better to Have More Than One Pet in the Home? Many pet owners love to dote on their furry friends, and finding one that you love may be plenty. However, many owners may adore having their animal companion so much they want to get more and expand their family with more four-legged friends. The thought process is that since one pet brings so much joy, comfort, and happiness, then having more than one will surely make everything better.


There are a couple of benefits to multiple pet homes. These benefits would include:

  • More socialization for you and your pet
  • A new companion for you and your pet
  • Improved mood and health with the amount of exercise and the reduction of stress in your life
  • A decreased amount of allergies in kids because more pets reduce the chance of hypersensitivity to allergens
  • Improve the emotional development and responsibility of kids

Before you get another pet, you have many things to consider. There are pros and cons to getting a new companion. It depends on your situation and whether you and your pet are ready to welcome a new member. Here are a few things to be considered.

Doubled Responsibility

Once you take in a pet, no matter what species, you have more responsibility. Some owners assume that your current pet will help teach your new addition and require the same things your current pet already needs. This assumption is entirely wrong. Getting a new pet means that they come with their own personalities and needs. They should also have times where they are separate from each other to bond with your family.

Is Your Budget Ready?

When getting a new pet you need to recognize that you will have to spend more money on pet food and supplies. You also need to pay for both pets’ healthcare, and if one develops a health problem, you need to be aware that it may be very costly. It would be best if you were financially stable, have a steady income and have enough money on the side to care for two or more pets so they can both have a good quality of life. If you take many vacations or business trips without the company of your pet, you will have to pay more for a sitter or boarding for two pets instead of one.

Do You Have Time?

Making time for your new pet is essential, but it’s not the only thing you have to think of. Not only do you have to have enough time to take care of and train your new pet, but you also still have to make time for your current pet. When you make space for a new pet in your life, you should not ignore or give your current pet less of your attention or time. You will have to dedicate a lot of your time, especially in the beginning, to training and helping your new pet and current one adjust to their new situation.

Is There Enough Space?

Consider the space that you need for another pet. You’re going to need enough space to make sure your pet is comfortable around your house. If you live in a small apartment, it may not be the best idea to get another animal. Your means of transportation should also have enough space for two or more animals; this is if you want to take your pets on road trips, visiting family, or going to vet appointments.

Is Your Pet Okay With it?

A huge thing to consider is whether or not your pet would be comfortable with a new addition to your house. If your pet has some kind of aggression or is uncomfortable with more animals in the house, you should consider not getting a new companion. You should also understand that you should never overlook the pet you already have if you do get a new pet. People often get carried away with new things -including a new pet- so your current pet may feel left out if you forget to give them enough attention. However, if your pet is fine with other animals and wants the company of another pet, then you can consider getting one.


If you really do want to get another animal companion from your life, you have many things to consider before you go ahead with a decision. It is maybe more than you can handle, so you should make sure that you are prepared for all the responsibilities, care, and costs of getting a new pet. Remember, you have a whole new life under your supervision, and you should not take this responsibility lightly. If you have considered everything and have decided to get another pet, then have fun and create as many unforgettable memories as you can! 





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