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"Caring for cats isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!"


Should You Leave the Radio/TV on for Pets

Should You Leave the Radio/TV on for Pets

By: Faith P.

Should You Leave the Radio/TV on for Pets: Leaving your pet home alone can often make you feel guilty, you don’t want them to feel lonely or anxious while you’re gone. Many pet owners will feel bad when leaving their little friends alone while they go out. Turning on music or leaving on radios and televisions is a trick many owners will use to make their pets feel less alone. The question is, does it help? There actually may be some benefits to leaving the radio or TV on. Read on to find out more

Separation Anxiety

Some pets can develop separation, especially if they have had past trauma or have previously been abandoned. Leaving the radio or TV on may or may not work; it really depends on your pet. If you do leave them on, it may allow your pet to relax, thinking that there are people around and they’re not alone. However, this will not solve their anxiety; to solve it, you need to work with professionals and make sure your pet fully trusts you. If you do plan on leaving music on, it is better if you chose more soothing music, such as classical, as opposed to rock or metal music.

Keeps Company

When people are alone, they like to have the TV or a video playing in the background while working or doing something else, just to have background noise. It gives you the feeling of having company. Having sound going on in the environment may also provide your pet with a sense of company. Depending on what pet you have and their personality, they may prefer to have noise going on while lazing around your house. The sound of music or people talking will likely keep your pet calm, happy and relaxed like it would with people.

Goodbye to Unpleasant Sounds

Loud noises that may be going on outside or near your house may start stressing your pet out. Many pets dislike sudden loud noises. If your pet is an indoor pet, they won’t be used to hearing noises such as planes, screaming, or car honks. When alone, these sounds will make them even more scared and anxious than when you’re with them. Playing music or turning on the radio or TV may be able to mask these sounds happening outside your house and will help your pet relax and not be fearful while you’re gone. 


Before you decide to leave the radio or TV on, make sure your pet is comfortable with it. If they look uncomfortable and annoyed, you should reconsider leaving them one. It may be the type of music or show that your pet dislikes, so you could try different genres to see if they respond better. However, if they don’t like it at all, it may be best to leave the house quiet. If you want to have background noise for your pet and they’re comfortable with it, there’s no problem with doing that. Just to note, when leaving on music or any sound, don’t turn the volume up very high; this may cause the opposite effect you’re going for. In the end, it mainly depends on the type of animal you have and your pets’ personal preferences. Watch their behaviour and make sure they are comfortable with whatever you choose to do.




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